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Vote with your Queer Cash this Valentine’s Day


As consumers, it’s our responsibility to be informed and intentional about what businesses we support.

That’s why The Huggable Cactus and Queer Candle Company are joining forces this February to give you the ultimate Queer Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. 


So without further ado, here’s a handful of amazing Queer makers to make it easier than ever for you to support Queer love and Queer small businesses this Valentine’s Day. Let’s turn this traditionally heteronormative holiday on its head and douse it with a little glitter.


WHAT: Bags, pouches & paper goods that incite a smile... in good times & prickly ones too.


By Jeremy Greenbaum


WHAT: Unconventional jewelry made in NYC.



By Sammy-Jo Rocco

WHAT: Homemade Candles, Homegrown Herbs.


By Ab Gibson and Al Rose

Queer Candle Co